Expect the Run


It started for the joy.

Pre-run excitement. Mid-run bliss. Post-run ecstasy.

These feelings fuled my motivation.


But I began to expect myself to run.

To log miles. To hit times. To set paces.

Meeting these expectations becsame my motivation.

It’s what drove me out the door.

I got lost in these expectations.

Until I forgot why I run.


I forgot amidst anxiety.

Angst of “needing” to run.

Guilt of missing a day.

Regret of running too slow.

Fear of failing to meet MY expectations.



Surfing reminded me.

The adrenaline. The bliss. The joy.

Uniting. Connecting.

With myself.

With Nature.

With others.



I stopped runnning.

And then I started again.

With NO expectations.

For the Love.

Of Myself. Of Nature. Of the people I run with.

For the Joy. 


Run…Surfing Across the World?: Canggu Beach in Bali, Indonesia


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