Peak Freedom

The sky is clear
But I can’t see straight
My mind clouded by fear
I need to get outta here

From my problems I run
But there is no where to hide
This baggage weighs a ton
But my past can’t be undone

Take a look inside
What do do you see
It’s time to decide
Am I gonna break stride?

Somethings gotta give
If I’m being honest
I’m feeling like a fugitive
This is no way to live

With that I stop
Let the feelings arise
See what comes to the top
Its this burden I wish to drop

Friends and family near
I tell them how I feel
This history I clear
With the people I hold dear

Able now to see the sky’s dome
The night stars shine bright
They guide the way to leave home
As now I am free to roam


Running Across the World: Thorong La In the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal

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