Reigniting the Flame

Gravel crushed, trails beaten, pavement pounded. Blood spilt, sweat poured, tears shed. 1k loops repeated, miles logged, races ran. All these experiences slowly recede to distant memories

But Through countless hours striding side by side, a far more permanent essence has been etched into the ethers. A bond between two brothers. The flame of friendship was lit.

Fed and tended to, the fire burned for years on end.Through the passage of time the flame has sizzled, but the embers always remain aglow.

Though appearing as deadened ashes, the smoldering always remains primed for rekindling. One spark and the flame is reignited.

Picking up right where it left off, the fire of friendship blazes brighter than ever. Illuminating the bond of true brotherhood.

Running Across the Country: Bonita 8k in Carlsbad, CA


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