A way with Words

What a gift. To have a way with words.
Used to express and convey feelings. Point to meaning. Give ideas context.
Helpful. But never the meaning, the expression, itself.
They add an extra layer. In need of deciphering, translation. Disguising. Distracting. Misleading.
Used as tools of manipulation. Conning. Facades of false portrayals.
“A way with words” – the ability to translate truth and beauty into spoken terms OR disguise insecurities behind charm and deceit.
What a gift. To have a way with words. Until you forget to do away with words.
Real meaning – Felt. Experienced. KNOWN. Not needing to be explained. It is Understood.
Expressed in universal language.
Through locked eyes. Gazes not averted. Into souls of others, or the souls of ourselves.
Doing away with words.
There is no more misrepresentation. Conning others. Deceiving yourself.
With puns. Plays on words. It’s time to face yourself. And play onwards.
What a gift. A way with words.
Open the box. And find the greater gift.
To do away with words.
Because that is the true Present – Live in it

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