Penned in Peru

As I sit down to write I notice the elegant beauty of my scripted handwriting. Each letter with just enough room to bask in its own glory. All the while, lending itself to the next letter to aid in the announcement of its beauty. Together, they complete the peaceful transition.

Ever flowing as pen strokes paper, I wonder how I’ve assembled each word so perfectly?

In disbelieving awe, I peer in closer to the page. Upon further examination, the myriad of blemishes present themselves. Some words more skewed than others, but I cannot find one letter penned without imperfection.

Stepping back, I re-examine the work as whole. From this perspective I am able to once again bathe in the beautiful cohesiveness of the assembled words. It is only upon intense scrutiny of each individual word or letter during which I find imperfection or fault.

Taking a break from my notebook, I look up and gaze at the mountainside. I notice the perfect arrangement of wildlife that decorates the slope of the mountain. Not one blade of grass out of place, it’s a perfection greater than anything attainable by human design. Hence the awe in which we stand to admire these alluring sceneries. The ones Nature so commonly provides across the Earth. They captivate us in a way that calls us to draw pictures of the untouched forests, take photos of the flowing rivers, and paint the sprawling mountains.

If I were to venture up the mountainside though, in an effort to scrutinize the landscape I had just been surveying from afar, the imperfections would be abundant. Fallen tree branches, ripped flower petals, and decaying leaves would litter the forest floor. Dissecting each individual part to the masterpiece would make it seem as though something has gone terribly wrong amidst Nature’s creation.

By simply allowing everything to be, I realize everything is perfect as is. Right where it should be. Only when looking at the system as a whole – untouched – can this perfection can be observed.

The truth emanating from this viewpoint of a perfectly laid environment can be applied to our own environment as humans – a species of collective beings. Every individual is filled with impurities and imperfections. But each being brings its own unique energy to the collective consciousness of the whole. Each contributing to the expression of humanity.

Being able to accept these flaws, our own flaws as well as the flaws of others, will allow us to see the beauty of the whole. Only acceptance with no reservations – true acceptance – can bring about this awareness. To first see humanity as a whole will then allow us to be aware that humanity IS whole.

With this acceptance of each individual as they are, ceasing to judge, criticize, or blame others or ourselves, we can move beyond our egos. We can connect with each other from a deeper place. A place beyond the fearful interactions of our false identities, in which we are always attempting to cover up our own flaws, or expose them in others, when in reality the only flaw is not being our self.

The seeming chaos of our world may actually be orderly and represent itself in a unique design created and supported by an innate intelligence greater than that of ourselves. Hidden beyond the veil of our clouded mind, this intelligence emanates from the beauty of every creation in nature. It’s the underlying presence that is sensible in all living manifestations.

When we’re in tune with the most high, we can get in touch with this underlying presence. It is inside of us. It is the pure energy which flows through us, all around us, and between us – from one being to another.

We can allow the energy to lead us in life. To guide us in all the right directions and take us to all the right places at the right time. To give us the wisdom and confidence to make all the right choices – the ones that are the best for us and in the highest good of humanity as a whole. Because that is one in the same.

The energy that gives Life to everything. To the plants. The animals. Nature. The energy that created that perfectly arranged wilderness upon the mountain. This is the same energy gave life to US – Humanity – an equally perfect creation.

We can know this energy, this Life. And when we do, we will be able to see the beauty emanating from all consciousness, connect with one another, and be a part of nature. We can ALL experience life from a happy, blissful state of being through the pure emotions of Peace, Love, and Joy.

As Humanity. As Consciousness. As a Perfect Whole.


The Apus
In Peruvian and Incan culture, every mountain has a spirit and thus is its own individual God, or “Apu”. These Apus are highly respected and sacred in Peruvian culture. With a view of the Apus, the seats where I penned this post.
Pisac River
River running behind Casa Camacho – a welcoming home in Pisac, Peru.
Pisac River
Path along the river leading into the center of Pisac – A spiritual town in located in the Sacred Valley of Peru.
Flowing Water
Base of a waterfall amidst the river descending from the Apus

Pisac River behind Casa Camacho

Lares Hot Springs
At 14,000ft at altitude, the Hot Springs located in Lares (small town in the Sacred Valley of Peru) are regarded as the best the Sacred Valley has to offer.
Yuval At Lares Hot Springs
Yuval looking hella’ relaxed after a soak in the thermal springs
My Brother Duncan
My brother Duncan
Hike to La Cueva
The monstrous stairs (walls) scaled to reach the sacred cave
La Cueva de Los Ancestros Pisac
La Cueva de Los Ancestros Pisac

Pisac Apu &  Cueva

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