Trump is President – What Now?

Trump Is President

To all those who are saddened and disheartened by what this election has indicated about the state of this country:

It seemed like we had come so far. Moving towards unity as a whole. From being divided to being one. One nation, one culture, one species, one being.

So many walls between people had been torn down. Racism, women’s rights, gay rights, sexism, bigotry, prejudice. We were far from perfect but we were making progress. We were moving from seeing others as different to seeing ourselves in others

All that progress is being questioned right now. Is the outcome of this election indicative of our state of being right now? Who are these people who voted for a divisive bully who feeds on fears and insecurities through racism and elitism?

These people were my classmates and coworkers. My friends and neighbors. My brothers and sisters. I thought I knew these people, but do I?

This is OK though. All that progress that has been made has not been lost. All those people who helped us tear down those walls are still out there. They still see the good in the people. The question is – do you?

Fears and emotions that have been long suppressed are being felt. The only way to heal is to recognize those pains. To bring the suffering to light. To feel not only our pain, but the pain of others as well. It is through this recognition and suffering that we can become free. Free of the fears and insecurities that drive the divisive hate between us.

Trump is exposing wounds that have been covered up for years. Just like most wounds need oxygen to heal, these wounds need our attention. We now have the opportunity to treat them with Love and Acceptance.

Hilary Clinton would have just been a bandage. It’s in the darkest times that we need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now is the time reach out to those who need it most. Be a shoulder someone can lean on. Lean on someone else’s when you need to. But most of all, realize we are all in this together.

Do not let rhetoric divides us. Allow our feelings to bring us closer together. For the sun still shines even when the clouds cover it. Take this time to get to know each other as humans, heal these wounds rather than allow them to be dug deeper, and let’s move closer to humanity.

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